Solution of all National problems

Without any Financial Load on Govt.

Energy crisis


  1. Solar Thermal dam

    To generate electric
    power from solar energy, a new technique may be considered, by which electric
    power can be generated without solar cell. This requires an area of
    4km x 4km in open field. After treating inner area by solar tile and planting
    castor oil plants , electric power through solar energy can be generated with
    indigenes technologies. In this dam, 400 to 600 Megawatt power may be
    generated along with 400000 barrels of bio diesel as byproduct
    may be
    earned every year. This dam can be designed close to every city for that city.
    This will be self supporting project. There will be no financial load on
    government. In Pakistan more than hundred such solar thermal dams may be made.
    There is more than  sufficient space and solar energy is available for
    such project. Inventor is ready to do this on ground, if  government approve
    and support for managing it properly.


  2. No A.C without roof

    In Pakistan , solar
    heat is falling at the rate of 1000joule/second on one square meter. For
    example, on the roof of 12ft x 12ft room, 14000j/sec are falling, which is
    equal to the heat of 14 electric pressing irons ( Istry). If we want to cool
    this room, an A.C of power 2000j/sec is used which is insufficient. In this
    case A.C will waste electric power continuously, which should be a crime. Make
    a rule, No A.C will be used without heat
    insulation of roof. 
    In this way 3000 to
    4000 mega watt power may be saved, which is double of Mangla power unit.
    A proper
    heat resisting tiles or solar air conditioning tiles have been invented  which
    are best alternative of A.C and are available in the market with name MAT (Munawar Air conditioning Tile)
    for detail , visit ,


  3. No black coating (charcoal) on
    the wall except solar coating.

    Public uses black
    charcoal on out side walls for water proofing, which then absorb solar heat
    maximum. This heat of wall enters in to the rooms and heat up inner space of
    room. To cut this heat ,A.C is required,  which consume  electric power from
    national network where already a sever short fall exists. It should be a
    crime to coat such black material
    . An alternative exists, which after coating makes the wall water
    proof  and keeps
    it cool in summer sunny days.


  4. Solar water pump.

    save conventional energy and to get benefit from god gifted available
    energy(solar energy) , solar thermal
    water pump have been invented
    This pump can lift water from lower head up to 100 ft with  solar energy
    without solar cell, belt, pulley, piston or any other moving part. It can
    replace thousands of electric and diesel pump which being used to irrigate
    lands. This will also irrigate land of barrani area as well as Potohar area.
    It will bring green revolution in the country inshallah. A number of pumps
    (new inventions) are in the pipe line.


  5. Installation of
    MAT on Govt. buildings.


    In Pakistan,
    Government buildings are being designed with provision of mud and choka on
    roof top for water proofing. The height of walls of such building is about 15
    ft to avoid the solar heat of roof. The dead load of mud and choka is about
    25kg per square foot or 6 tons on a small room of 200sqft area
    . If we
    replace this much load on the roof , its steel requirement become half.
    Similarly the height of walls can be reduced up to 10 ft. When we decide to
    add Solar air conditioning Tile MAT(Munawar Air conditioning Tile) for
    heat proofing as well as water proofing , we can reduce dead load of 6
    tons and height of wall from 15 to 10 ft. this will 
    save at
    least Rs. 100/sqft after installation of MAT
    It means that by adding solar air conditioning Tile in the design of
    Government buildings, millions of rupees may be saved along with heat proofing
    and giving a cool comfortable temperature to the residents or workers.


  6. No gas
    geezer(water heater) except solar water heater.

    winter public uses gas water geezer to heat water. This usage is
    very rough and cruel, because public use it without requirement. A geezer
    starts working in the beginning of winter and stop after the winter.This
    consumption of gas remain continue for five months. During this period, supply
    of gas to industries become under heavy load shedding. This affects our
    economy very badly. Now solar water heater (instant heater) have been designed
    and in the market. Govt. can take step to block
    the wastage of gas through water heater with some legislation, because
    alternative exists


  7. No gas heater
    except solar heater.

    winter gas is being used by gas room heaters very badly because room heater
    consumes very much gas and  maximum heat become waste by absorbing heat by
    building material. When heater produces heat, the walls and roof contains
    material (cement, sand, brick etc) in tune of tons,  that absorbs heat
    continuously. The temperature of wall can not be increased by a heater because
    of high quantity of  material, so heavy amount of gas be wasted by heater.
    There should be an alternative. Now an alternative is available. One can paste
    a sheet type material on the wall in to room, it will decorate the room as
    well as it will isolate the wall material from room heat which is produced by
    gas heater. Secondly room can be heated by solar heat exchanger, which is also
    available. Govt. can block this gas wastage by simple legislation.

    Green revolution

  8. No Merla without

    Pakistan most of the land is barren or without vegetation.. Peoples do not
    bother barrenness of   lands. This attitude compels the nation towards hunger.
    There should be a rule that No merla will be barren or without trees. Give the public a dead line of one year for vegetation or tree plantation.,
    otherwise land owner will bound to pay tax only of barren land. This tax will
    be equal to the production/earning of such kind of land in one year.

  9. Free land for
    unemployed educated young men.

    Pakistan is facing a sever problem of unemployment. Millions of young men are
    waiting of any job or Business. On the other hand billions of kanals of land
    is barren. Government should take step to take that land which has
    been barren for last 100 years, and distribute among the unemployed person for
    self  employment for 50 years

    Land owner will get share from this project according to their area.


  10. No Free plot
    without wall and two rooms.

    every housing colony more than 70 % plots remain uncovered for more than 10
    years.. there should be a rule that every plot will be covered by
    boundary wall ,gate and two rooms along with toilet
    . This will create

    a good situation for low income persons, because so many small houses will
    appear which will be available for poor peoples to reside there with nominal

    Unemployment to employment

  11. Pay salary to
    unemployed under Salary Before Job project.

    Unemployment is the burning issue of Pakistan. Millions of young men are
    moving here and there for search of job, but fail to get any suitable job
    according to their qualification or education. This will create an unrest
    among youth, which then results destructive activities in the country. It is
    required to take a bold step in this regard. For bold step the following
    strategy may be adopted, Pay salary to 10,00,000 (one million) educated
    unemployed young men at the rate of Rs.10000/m
    (average) to young men
    through credit card
    . A credit card holder can purchase food, cloth, books,

    medicine and other required items from stores which are already member of this
    network. A seller will contact to the network along with sale vouchers to get
    money, Network will deposit that amount in his credit card account after
    deduction of 5%.
    Now store keeper (seller) has credit to purchase

    different items from whole seller according to his requirement. In next step
    whole seller will contact to the Network to get money according to the sale
    vouchers. Network will deposit that amount in his credit card account after
    deduction of 5%.
    Now whole seller can purchase from factories and

    factories can get this amount after deduction of 5%. In next step
    factory management pay salaries to workers, 80% through credit cards and 20%
    in cash

    These workers can use this card in stores and shops once again. So this cycle
    will remain continue. In first month network will pay 10 billions as
    salaries, in second month, network will invest 8 billions out of 10 billions as investment and 2 billions from collected amount
    (deduction). In third month, 6  billions are required as investment and 4

    billions from collected amount. In this way after 8 months no further
    investment is required but the payment of salaries remain continue. In next 6
    to eight months, this investment will come back. This network will
    earn 200 to 400 billions as profit per year.
    2 to 3 millions unemployed person will get job
    . All business will boost up to 3 to 6 times.

    All the business activities will be controlled by this network automatically. Government will get different taxes ten times more than previous.

  12. Train with trade
    during school education.

    In our
    education system ,if a student stops his education after matriculation, he has
    no skill for any job nor has ability to win clerical job in any competition.
    It should be an arrangement that after matriculation or intermediate, a
    student should have a strong skill of any one trade with 4 to 6 years
    experiences. It will be possible under such strategy. When a student will
    take admission in 6th class, he will be asked to choose any trade
    of its interest
    like computer operator, hardware technician, mobile phone

    repairing technician, communication technician, motor mechanic, electrician,
    carpenter, welder, barber, auto electrician, photographer, sanitary worker,
    meson etc. Now a student will attend school for 4 days normally and 2 days in relevant
    workshop or institute

    In  first two years he will learn about trade and in third year he will
    be able to earn some stipend from that  workshop. After five years or
    after matriculation, he will have a skill for one trade with five years experience

    Now he is able to start its own business, to get job or to establish a small
    workshop. So many workshops or such training points may be established without
    any load on government with  giving a suitable incentive package to stake
    holders. In this way those 70 % students which stop their education before
    graduation, they will get job, or can start  business.
    Financial crisis

  13. Sell Pakistan
    among Pakistanis.

    Pakistan more than 60% assets are being developed through income from
    different taxes. On the other hand ,tax payers are treated as thief and so
    many departments or agencies are monitoring their activities. Tax payers are
    resisting Govt. department’s attacks and trying to show their taxable amount
    as minimum as possible.. On  the other side govt. is facing sever financial
    crisis and to overcome this, Govt.  is trying to get foreign aids and loans on
    very tight terms and conditions. Govt. is also trying to sell  national
    assets to different agencies including foreign agencies which may be very
    dangerous for Pakistan in future. Now it is a  time to take a bold step to
    create a revolution in Pakistan. Offer share to tax payers in all national assets. These share will be given
    against their normal taxes.
    For example if  Govt. wants to sell railway in 10 billions, announce its price

    100 billions and distribute its shares among tax payers for next year. Now a
    tax payer is paying tax but actually he is buying shares . So he will decide
    to pay tax with satisfaction because before this he feels that he is wasting
    his money to pay tax. Now he is purchasing share. After two years his
    confidence on Govt. will be established, so he will try to purchase more
    shares . For this he will show more profit than previous. No other person
    except tax payers will be allowed to purchase
    share in that very project(asset

    So many new tax payers will appear voluntarily to get share in national
    assets. This will create a hype in  financial field . Those persons
    who want to purchase shares will be bound to invest in industries/business and
    get shares against tax. In this way a huge investment will be expected

    60% share in Govt. services
    , Offer 60% shares to

    tax payers in all government departments. For example in army, air force and
    navy, 60% recruitment will be done from the blood relatives of tax payers. This recruitment will be done on  merit; less recruitment will create
    vacancies till next term of recruitment. In education, health or any other
    department, 60 % seats quota will be fixed for tax payers.

  14. Top 20 tax
    payers will become MNAs.

    over come financial crisis, a bold step may be taken in such a way that, Announce 20 seats of MNAs  for top 20 tax payers (Pakistani nationals). This will create a positive competition among tax payers. This is right time
    to give rights to tax payers, because as sponsor and supporter of Government,
    they have right to penetrate and design Govt. planning and polices. They will
    act as normal MNAs.

  15. Top 10 tax
    payers from each province become MPAs of that assembly.

    To over come
    financial crisis, Announce 10 seats of MPAs for top 10 tax payers (Pakistani
    nationals) in each provincial assembly. This will create a positive
    competition among tax payers. They will act as normal MPAs
    Oil crisis

  16. Bio Diesel

    In Pakistan
    more than 50% land is barren. In four districts (Jhelum, Chakwal,  Rawalpindi,
    Attock) of Potohar , 150,00,000 kenals of land is barren. In this land castor
    oil plants can grow very easily. This plant does not require a lot of water,
    fertilizer, plowing or any sort of labor which normally require in wheat or
    canola crops in this area. This plant can give yield with in 6 months. It will
    give 2 to 4 yields in a year. The seed have 50% oil  contents, out of it ,35%
    is extractable. If we cultivate 1,00,00,000 kenals only ,we can get
    1,00,00,00,000 liters or 63,00,000 barrels of oil in first year and
    2,00,00,00,000. or 126,00,000 barrels in second year. 85% of this oil can be
    converted into bio-diesel and 15% glycerol with some process. This yield will
    be available in every year for next 30 years.
    Research in Pakistan

  17. 25% time /space
    should be fixed for research in Pakistan in all TV channels and print media.

    developed country has strong history of scientific research for such
    development. Pakistan can not start that history till now. We should start
    research with research trend through the masses by taking bold steps in this
    A bold step may be, bound all media to fix 25% time or space for scientific
    research in Pakistan
    This will create a public trend towards research.

    Our new generation will be encouraged to move toward research. Our investor
    will start thinking to invest in any research project. This will create a
    scientific research culture
    which will be the basic cause or foundation of development of the country.

  18. Research award
    for students.

    should be a competition between students for scientific research. Best
    researcher should be given  award. This will create a positive
    competition trend and a research culture will be developed. Every developed
    country has base on some new technologies. These technologies based on new
    inventions. So the new inventions and inventors may be promoted rapidly. The inventors should be given special respect in national culture. This
    competition will create trend to wards research in school and college level.
    If one student will be awarded by only Rs.50,000/ . In next year so many new
    little scientists will appear for competition.

  19. Inventors

    There are very small
    numbers of inventors (scientists) in the world, but whole development of the
    word is based on their inventions or achievements. Most of them got reward in
    their life according to the situation of that time. In Pakistan, there is no
    culture of research and inventions. Public as well as Govt. have no awareness
    about inventions or inventors. The inventors are hero or assets of humanity,
    because they provide new technologies for the benefit of humanity. After that
    invention, human beings take benefits for centuries. The inventors in Pakistan
    should be given special respect in the national affairs. To create
    research/invention culture, a competition among inventor may be arranged.  unluckily such competition was arranged by HEC before two years, in which I
    participated with 23 inventions but still I am waiting for any result of that
    competition. This is very discouraging attitude of HEC.


  20. Slam teacher

    Pakistan , teachers are not given proper respect as well as proper facilities.
    They are treated as low grade government servants. The salaries of school
    teachers or college teacher are lowest from all of other government’s
    servants. Recently Govt. celebrate a day” slam teacher”.  A self
    sustainable strategy may be adopted to award slam teacher award.
    According to which teachers will be awarded as they have due reward,
    government will not bear any financial load. Every employee will be asked five his best teachers from primary school to
    university level
    who had contributed a lot in his education life. Ask their address. Now concerned department will deduct 5% from his salary and will send to
    five teachers equally with appreciation letter.
    This rule will be applicable to new and old servants from government and

    private departments. The share of died teachers will be given to their
    children or grandchildren. The share of those teachers which  does not found
    any where may be deposited in to teachers fund.

  21. Inqalabi Taleemi

    It is
    a revolution based Munsooba (planning). According to this private parties will
    be called with attractive incentives, which will motivate the private
    investors and parties to contribute a lot in education. In this planning , 650 billions of rupees will be invested in  education department including all provinces departments. All
    students will be given all sorts of facilitation like uniform, bags, coats, shoes,
    books and other necessary items.. All schools and colleges will be renewed
    with all latest facilities without any financial load on government. All
    teachers will be given 300% more salary  depending on their result

    A detail write up is ready for briefing.

  22. For Air
    conditioning ,supply cool air.

    minimize air conditioning cost and saving energy, it will be feasible to
    supply cool air (below 0C) from very cold areas like Narran, Kaghan through
    insulated pipes for Rawalpindi Islamabad. The cost  of network will be covered
    in first year. Every house will get connection just like natural
    gas connection. A person will pay only 1000/m  by getting the air conditioning
    facility for two to three  rooms. This cool air  will be moisture free ,dust
    and smoke free, so it will be environment friendly.

  23. Land of Potohar
    become plain (free).

    land of Potohar area is barren from unlimited time. Now a network is coming to
    plain total land of Potohar with heavy machinery, so that it become suitable
    for cultivation of crops. Land will be divided in to pieces of an area of Acre
    (8 kannals) for single owner of land. Every plot will be plain, with single
    owner along with roads. There will be no investment of government or land
    owner. The cost of land will increase 200%. The area under operation become
    green within a year. There is also a scheme to design a modern town with all
    urban city facilities in between 4 old villages.

  24. Blocking of
    energy losses (bijli choori) with innovative mean.

    losses in electric supply is not any technical fault,  It is crime of “bijli
    choori” in a well  organized manner, and un organized manner like kunda
    system. Now a planning can minimize this crime by an innovative  arrangement.
    By this arrangement total electric charges spent by a consumer will come back
    with profit  after 7 years. The consumer will pay bill pleasantly and will
    want to pay more electric. So he will not contact employee of WAPDA for “under
    hand deal.”

  25. New technologies
    for coal mines.

    Munawar had designed many inventions to overcome energy consumption problem
    and over expenditure relating to fresh air in the mine. The inventions are,
    solar chimney, wind catcher. The other energy saving measures can save 80%
    energy and labor for a mine. By saving 80% electric power in one mine, we can
    save 4 mega watt power by operating on 1000 mines.

  26. Controlling of
    flood by innovative wall.

    2010 was  highly destructive for Pakistan during sept2010 to oct.2010. There
    should be a planning to minimize the destructive effects in future. For this a
    proposal is ready to cover Indus river from Mianwali to sea end  on both sides
    sine wave concrete wall by investing nothing from government fund.

  27. Cattle electric

    Munawar had designed an inertial wheel by which we can get electricity for 4
    families as well as can pump water for irrigation. For input power we can use
    bull, donkey, horse or camel.

  28. Get electric
    power from mountains (mgh).

    We can
    get electric power from the mud of mountains by shifting from height to lower
    level through special arrangement. A vast plain land will be available for
    cultivation or housing project as byproduct.

  29. Earth quack
    proofing of Mangla Dam by innovative wall.

    A high
    intensity earth quack (scale 8) is expected in 2011. Forecaster had already forecasted earth quack 2005. He mentioned sever
    reservation about dam of mangle. To face and for pre emptive measure it is
    required to strengthen the wall(dam) with new innovative technology. For this sine wave concrete wall must be used before existing wall and then fill  space between two walls with
    water. That wall is earth quack proof. So it is simple and quick solution of
    fore coming problem.

  30. Canal generator.

    It is
    a new design of wind mill which can be used in flowing water to get mechanical
    energy from flowing water instead of falling water. In this way unit will be
    dipped in water where as its rotor end will be out of water. this rotor then
    rotate generator pulley which will give us electric power. This unit may
    be installed  after every 100 meter. This arrangement can give sufficient
    electric power.

  31. Uplifting of
    railway by new formula.

    Railway department is just like white elephant for government. There
    may be drastic changes may be taken by applying Prof. Munawar’s formula.
    According to his formula, every employee will get new house  without spending
    government fund. The salary of every employee will be doubled without spending
    government fund. 100 millions per month additional income can be generated
    without using machinery of  railway


Now all the above projects will be done by

(Scientific Organization of Basic and Elementary Research).